Daily Prayer

Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus, I praise you and thank you for this day today. You have awakened me today, and I just want to say I love you. Today is a new day to walk with you, hear from you, receive from you, and be in communion with you in spirit and in truth. I pray today, that you would lead me, guide me, and direct me in all that you would have for me. I pray for wisdom and discernment to fall upon my heart and mind. I thank you, Jesus, that you have never failed me, and that today you want to build your kingdom deeper within me. I ask that I have a deeper understanding of your kingdom, a deeper anointing of the Holy Spirit within me, and an anointing over my dwelling place. I lift up our church - Oasis Church - and ask that you continue to equip, build, and place the fire of the Holy Spirit upon it in Jesus’ name. Thank you for being a personal Father. We ask this all today in Jesus’ name.

Unity Within Oasis Church Chicago

Day 21

Prayer: Thank you Jesus for bringing together our beautiful church home. Today we pray that you would unify us as we work to accomplish our mission in the city of Chicago. We choose today to lay aside pride, anger, and bitterness with one another and to seek reconciliation with each other. Would you do a healing work in our house where it needs to be done. Jesus, would you continue to pour out the love of God in our hearts so that we could love you and each other well. As we begin this year, we ask for a greater sense of intimacy within our house. Would you create beautiful relationships that are kingdom-focused to bring about impact in this city for your glory? We pray a blessing over our mundane activities, our meals, our passing conversations, our workouts, and ask that you would bring us into moments of fellowship with you, Lord. Would we live and move and have our being with one another, in you. Start with our house, and do it in us. Amen. 




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