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Welcome to Oasis

We are a community of disciples that live as a wellspring of life amidst the desert of the city.  We are called to be connected and to connect others to the life giving waters of God's Holy Presence. We are formed, together, by the truth of Jesus and his presence in and among us.

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Our Lead Pastors

Our lead pastors, JP and Rachel Troglio, have a deep passion to see people transformed through the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Inspired by the idea of an “Oasis” as a wellspring of life in the midst of a desert, they committed to starting a local church in Chicago in 2016. Since then, the community of Oasis Church Chicago has flourished as JP and Rachel foster a vision to see the kingdom of God come to earth, lives set free through Jesus, people empowered by the Holy Spirit, and growth in heavenly calling.

JP & Rachel Troglio

Lead Pastors

Senior Leadership Team

JP Troglio


Nick Smith



Ruben Capusan


Derek Blidy



Josh Rice


Rachel Troglio

Chief of Staff



Tim & Karen Rice


John & Ana Devine


Charles & Alicia Landrum

Doug & Stacy Carbol



JP & Rachel Troglio



Our Team

Rachael Bedell

Next Steps Director

Yasmin Lara

Well to Well Director

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Lindsey Ridings

kidZone Director

Bekah Wriedt

Communications Director

Desiree Austin

First Impressions Lead

Our 4 Pillars

Our 4 Pillars

We’ve structured our core beliefs into 4 Foundational Pillars, upholding the house of Oasis. We live our lives from these pillars because we have been commissioned to bring the kingdom of heaven to our City.


Beginning with the source, God’s Word, we are led into His Presence, which calls us into community as God’s Family, and commissions us to impact His City.


We believe as disciples of Jesus, we trust in God’s Word, Abide in His Presence, Foster His Family, and Minister to His City


The way we are formed and shaped as disciples of Jesus is through our temple and our table gatherings.

God's Word

As God’s people we have come to know His word as our defining reality. He has revealed his character, his emotions, and his heart to humanity through His word. It shapes and forms our story, our character, our minds, our identity, and our purpose.

God's Presence

As God’s people we have become the dwelling place of God’s presence. What God has done to us, He wants to do through us. His presence is what transforms the world and brings kingdom renewal. God’s presence permeating the world was His intention from the beginning. Through Jesus and the promise of the Holy Spirit, it is His mission for His church and His promise at the end of days for His presence to continue to be with us.

God's Family

We know that God desires to bring all people into His family. For God so loved the world that He gave Jesus. As God’s people, who are saved by Jesus, we are now a part of the family of God. God has given us the spirit of adoption, giving us the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. As His family, we give up our rights and live sacrificial lives, loving one another as Christ has loved us and live according to the ways of the Kingdom of God.

God's City

As God’s people, we have been entrusted with the welfare of the city. We live as people who have been sent to proclaim the inbreaking of the kingdom of God and the ministry of reconciliation to all people. We have been commissioned to go and bring the kingdom of God to every corner and watch as heaven invades earth.


What We Believe

What We Believe

House Values

Gospel of the Kingdom

The life and ministry of Jesus revealed the Father and reconciles the world to God. This was the in-breaking of God’s kingdom in the earth, that God, through Jesus Christ, was calling all people to himself. This was, and still is today, the good news for all those who call upon His name.


God has equipped the church with supernatural power though the Holy Spirit to effectively demonstrate the kingdom that has come. This supernatural power is the testimony that Christ is at work in our midst.

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God has put His spirit in us, testifying that we are his sons and daughters. This is our kingdom identity. Through our temple gatherings, as well as around dinner tables and within homes, we continue to grow together into the eternal life that Jesus has purchased for us.


The outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Church is the testimony that we have been united to God, and we are called to join Christ in missional living to connect others to the source of true life.

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Tenet Values

Looking for what we, as a church, believe regarding specific theological topics?

View the Oasis Tenets of Faith here.

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