Waiting on God's Spirit

Morning Prayer

  • Morning Prayer - GratitudeBlessed are you, King Jesus, with all authority on earth and in heaven. Amidst a season of loss and destruction, we begin this fast with gratitude towards you. Early in the morning, we rise with our eyes fixed on the imperishable hope that can never be taken from us. As your people, we stand in gratitude that your greatest gifts cannot be taken away from us. We are sons and daughters, princes and princesses, justified and righteous, holy, and blameless. We have your approval and your love, we have your affection and your attention, we have your protection and your spirit. We are grateful that we live in this truth right here, right now. Amen

Empowerment Through the Holy Spirit

Day 2

Prayer: Thank you, Lord, that you have allowed us to be your ambassadors on the earth. We praise you, Father, that you did not leave us as orphans, and that you have given us your Spirit, confirming and sealing us as your sons and daughters. Thank you, Lord, that you have never gone back on your word, and that you have promised to empower us through your Spirit to do everything that you have asked of us (Acts 1:8). Before we embark on our day, we ask you to fill us afresh, Holy Spirit, and to empower us to do everything that today has in store. We acknowledge, just as Jesus did, that apart from you, Father, we can do nothing. So, Holy Spirit, we ask that you would once again help us to fix our gaze upon the glory of Jesus, who is the image of the Father, and the exact imprint of His nature (Hebrews 1:3). That in you, Holy Spirit, we would live and move and have our being. We renounce all forms of self-serving, pride, unforgiveness, discourse, striving, and we choose to receive your power and purity. Thank you, Father, that it brings you great joy to give your Spirit to us (Luke 11:13). On this day, we choose to receive you again. Holy Spirit, we yield to your abiding presence in the details of our lives. Come, Holy Spirit, and be Lord over our thoughts, intentions, and actions. Please continue to work in us to produce the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit in us that we may see the kingdom of God come, in Chicago as it is in heaven. Amen. 

Oasis Church Chicago

Day 3

Prayer: Father thank you for another day in Chicago. Today, we lift up our Church community, Oasis Church Chicago. We thank you, Lord, that you have brought us out of the kingdom of darkness and into the kingdom of light. We now have an eternal inheritance as part of your body, the Church. You have established your Church on the earth for the nourishment and growth of your children. We give you glory, Jesus because you promised to never leave us nor forsake us; and as we participate in your Church, you continually meet with us as you promised(Matthew 28:20). Thank you, Lord, that you have given our local community a prophetic calling from heaven for the City of Chicago: “to be a wellspring of life in the midst of a desert and bring life, hope, and the grace of Jesus to people all across this city.” Today, we lift up our community and ask for your guidance and strength as we seek to do your will in Chicago. We remember your faithfulness and goodness to our community. We thank you for the way you have provided for us in every way, and we give you glory. Would you continue to use this house to be a beacon of hope to the lost and to raise up disciples of Jesus for the renown of your name and the expansion of your kingdom? Lastly, Lord, we ask that you continue to breathe upon our vibrant Church home. We pray over our families, our little ones, teenagers, and every single individual that comes through our walls. We ask that you would continue to grow us in grace and truth, binding us to Jesus, that we would have the strength to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth of the love that you have for us (Ephesians 3:18). Keep us in unity, and may Satan have no division among anything we do or among any of our people. Amen.

The City Of Chicago

Day 4

Prayer: Thank you Lord for another day in the city of Chicago. Father, we know that your heart is for this city, and that you desire to see everyone in Chicago come to salvation and eternal life through Jesus. We thank you, Lord, that we are your chosen agents to bring about your kingdom here in Chicago and we choose today to step further into that calling. First, Lord, we ask that you would continue to break our heart for the City of Chicago. As we go about our day today, we ask that you would show us the injustice, pain, and brokenness that is in Chicago, and we ask for divine appointments, Lord, to be able to be agents of peace, hope, and love to this hurting city. Secondly, Lord, we ask for a mighty move of your Spirit to blow over our city. Lord, would you soften the hearts of the most powerful men and women in this city, and bring them to a saving knowledge of who you are. Would you move by the power of your Spirit in politics, law enforcement, school systems, and every social structure in our city? Thank you, Lord, that your kingdom will never stop taking ground in this world and the world to come(Isaiah 9:7). This day, Lord, we call upon heaven for a mighty move of God. We stand in the gap for our city, as co-heirs with the King of heaven and earth, and ask for breakthroughs in all of these different areas. We pray today, as you taught us: Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, in Chicago as it is in heaven. Amen.

The Next Generations (kidZone + CPS

Day 5

Prayer: Thank you, Father, for this beautiful day. Before we go into the city, we choose to pray for the next generation in our church community and the city of Chicago. We thank you, Lord, for gifting our community and this city with new life. We know that you are the giver of life and all good gifts(James 1:17). We also acknowledge that it is our honor and calling to steward this gift, raising up the next generation in your ways(Proverbs 22:6); working to form them mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Today, Lord, we lift up these little ones to you, asking that you would protect them and guide them in all that they do. Would you keep their eyes and their hearts far from the evil one, and stir dreams, visions, and calling in their hearts. Together, we pray that you would make your name known in Chicago Public Schools. We pray against secular ideologies that wage war on this generation and ask that you would bring Godly reform in our city’s schools. We pray specifically for our little ones in our community at Oasis. We stand in agreement that the children of this house will be world changers, culture dictators, and kingdom builders. They will prophesy to kings, heal the sick, and raise the dead. Father, would you mark the lives of the children at Oasis in a powerful way, leaving an impact that will reverberate for generations to come. Amen!

Colleges + Universities

Day 6

Prayer: Thank you Lord for the abundance of young adults in our growing family. Today, we pause at the start of our day to pray for them as they start their Spring semester. We acknowledge the myriad of distractions that seek to capture the hearts of our young adults and the several challenges they are facing. Today, Lord, we pray a prayer of blessing over them. Where there is anxiety knocking at the door, we bless them with the indwelling peace of Christ that surpasses understanding(Philippians 4:7). Where there are anger and bitterness, we bless them with healing and reconciliation(2 Corinthians 5:18). Where there are sadness and depression, we bless them with the joy of the Lord that is their strength. Where there is guilt, shame, and condemnation, we bless them with the forgiveness of sins through the blood of Jesus. Father, we stand in the gap for the colleges and universities in our city. We pray for a mighty move of God to stir among the students on these campuses. We ask that you cover the minds of your children among campuses so they will not fall prey to the deceit and lies of the enemy. We rebuke the schemes of Satan among this upcoming generation. We pray for salvation, healing, and reconciliation. We pray that they would hunger and thirst for righteousness, and have a deeper devotion to the Word of God that will keep them close to Your will for their lives. We bless the many campus ministries that are laboring for the souls of these students, asking you to give them wisdom and strength in all of their endeavors. Amen.

Local Churches

Day 7

Prayer: Thank you Lord for another day in the city of Chicago. Thank you for the opportunity to partner with you in building your kingdom here in this city. Lord, today we are reminded that we do not labor at this task alone. As we begin our day, we pause to bless our family throughout Chicago, the Church. We thank you, Lord, for the partnership that we have with them in building your kingdom. We honor every house in this city that is faithful to you in their proclamation of your Word, and we ask that you would bless them abundantly. We ask that your Spirit would awaken the things that have laid dormant within the walls of the Church, and that we would see the Holy Spirit fill the bodies with power, sound mind, and courage. We pray that the body of Jesus would give a clear, hopeful, and real picture of Jesus. May you remove division or competition from within the body of Christ among our city so that this city of Chicago can see the unity of our salvation. We echo Jesus’ prayer in John 17, that the Church would be one like Him and His Father are one and we ask that you would continue to unify your Church in Chicago. Father, we pray for Church communities in our city that are experiencing challenging times, and we ask that you would bless them with the strength and hope to endure. Give strength to pastors and leaders that feel like giving up, but fill them with endurance and power to continue to share the hope of Jesus. Amen.

First Responders

Day 8

Prayer: Thank you Lord for the first responders who so bravely serve our community. Today, we choose to honor them and intercede on their behalf for their safety and provision. We worship you, Lord, for the calling that you have placed in the hearts of our first responders, to defend and protect our community in times of great vulnerability. We ask that You would protect them while they perform their jobs. As they look in the face of destruction and death, would your Holy Spirit, the spirit of light and truth abide in them and shine ever so brightly. May they operate as men and women of grace, kindness, and be filled with wisdom and discernment beyond their years. Help them to operate as servants of this city, and to grace them with the strength to carry out their tasks every day. We ask, Lord, for a move of your Spirit in each department. That EMTs and firefighters would have encounters with you and walk in the Holy Spirit as they do their work. Lastly, we ask that you would provide for their families. Where there is a need, we ask for an increase in resources. Thank you Father that you have promised that you will never put to shame those who trust in you and that you would provide for all of our needs in Christ Jesus. Amen

Government Officials

Day 9

Prayer: Thank you, Lord, for the men and women who give their lives to serve our great country in the government. In our culture of political polarity, we choose to view our world through a heavenly perspective. Father, regardless of what we see, we know that you have called us to honor and pray for our government officials(1 Timothy 2:1-4). We ask, Lord, that you would bless our government in every branch and at every level. We thank you, Lord, that despite what we may see on the news, you are in control and you are in the midst of our government, raising up spirit-filled disciples into places of authority and influence. We pray for them today, Lord, and ask that you would encourage them as they seek to do your will in bringing Godly reform at the governmental level. Lastly, we ask that you would continue to raise up leaders at every level who would continue to bring Godly reform at every level of our government and the governments across our world. Amen

Financial Resourcing

Day 10

Prayer: Thank you Lord for your promise to provide for every need that we would have on Earth. You have given us every blessing in the heavenly realm in Jesus Christ. Today we pause to pray over our finances. We pray that you would be first in our finances. We pray that our faith will be rooted in your economy, and to trust you to provide all of our needs. We know you give good gifts to your children, and keep us from lacking anything. Father, we pray that we would release the spirit of manna (money) and ask that you would fill us with a spirit of generosity. Help us to be good stewards of all that we have received, and to be able to be generous to those around us always. Father, we pray for our finances both corporately for Oasis and individually for ourselves, we ask you for greater financial resources. Would you provide us with the ability to continue to do your work and see this city transformed by the power and presence of Jesus? We posture our hearts in humble submission to you, Lord, as we know that all we have comes from you. Father, we ask for you to create within us a heart of gratitude to receive and give back. Everything we have is a gift from you, and we thank you for that truth today. Amen. 

Future Building and Space  

Day 11

Prayer: Today, we pause to lift up our new building and space. Thank you so much for the provision of the new space, and we pray for a blessing over Chicago Hope Academy. Father, thank you that you have never left us without a place to gather as your church, and you have come through right on time. We pray in this time of transition that you would lead us and guide us, and we choose to keep our eyes fixed on you God through it all. We also know that you have the perfect building and space for Oasis to call our own, and we put our trust in you that you will make it happen. We stand in agreement as a Church community that this house will be a consecrated temple, holy and set apart. We will see greater levels of breakthrough than ever before. Lives will be healed, marriages restored, hope found, new life birthed and salvation secured. We pray that our future home will be a place of peace and rest for the city, and it will be a place for everyone to come in. May it be a place where we can see our children in this city grow up in the things of God, and where your Spirit dwells in your fullness. We thank you in advance, knowing that you are working in the midst of our waiting. Amen.

Emotional Healing

Day 12

Prayer: Thank you, Jesus, that by your sacrifice you have purchased complete and total healing for us here and now. We renounce any forms of doubt or unbelief that we have regarding our mental and emotional wounds, and your power to bring a mighty healing work into those areas by the power of your Spirit. We contend today for those people in our faith community who need emotional healing from past experiences. For those who have been betrayed, defiled, and corrupted, we ask that you would bring healing, trust, and restoration. Would you make us a people, both individually and corporately, who walk in emotional health and wholeness, pressing into the upward call of God in Christ, forgetting what lies behind and looking toward what’s ahead of us. We pause and invite you, Holy Spirit, to enter in and invade the places where we have not allowed you to heal us and we ask you to do it this morning. Receive the full reward of your suffering, Lord. Amen.

Deliverance From Addiction

Day 13

Prayer: Thank you, Lord, that you have defeated death, hell, and the grave, and have given us authority and power to reign in this world without being bound to sin. We also acknowledge Lord, that the process looks different for every person who comes into the kingdom. Today, we ask for those who are still bound to some form of addiction, that you would release us from those in order to walk in the fullness of life with you. We thank you, Jesus, that addiction does not change your mind about us. That though we may fall, you are faithful to us and continue to offer us your mercy and grace. We extend a blessing to anyone that is battling an addiction, that the blood of Jesus covers your sins and is faithful to continue to do so. We renounce all forms of shame, guilt, and condemnation and ask for grace and mercy to cover this house. Thank you, Jesus, that you have promised to bring our salvation that you began to completion(Paul). Lord, would you come with your holy fire, and burn away everything that is not of you, so that you may have a spotless bride that is ready to receive you. Do it in our house Lord. Amen. 

Marriages + Relationships

Day 14

Prayer: Father we thank you for the gift of marriage that we get to partake in and the way that it is a picture of the gospel. Thank you that in our relationships with one another we get to exemplify the love of God to each other in tangible and practical ways. Today, we contend for our marriages and relationships. We pray in the name of Jesus, that every attack on our marriages will be thwarted by your Holy Spirit. We ask that you would strengthen and encourage those who are walking out the covenant relationship of marriage. Would you bring to mind the supernatural covenant that a husband and wife have committed to before you and before God. Would you bring breakthroughs where there are strongholds and new life where there is dryness. Holy Spirit please heal where there are bitterness and offense, and would you anoint our homes to be dwelling places of your Spirit. Would the marriages in our church be authentic, genuine, and pleasing to you Lord? As a Church body, we thank you for the way these marriages have blessed our community in walking out a faithful covenant with each other. For or other relationships, we ask that you would continue to grow and strengthen them. We pray that you would watch over and protect those in dating relationships. Can you keep them pure in mind and spirit? May they not settle for less than what you have, and would they operate in kingdom alignment. May people hold onto your love before the love of anyone else. Father, would you watch over our friendships and relationships outside of those of marriage and dating. Would you foster and grow healthy, God-honoring friendships. Would friendships blossom like David and Jonathan? Would there be love for each other, and would nothing come against them? Would people walk out friendships in love, peace, truth, and honor? Thank you, Lord, for the way you are piecing together such a close-knit community here at Oasis. We ask that you continue to bless our relationships with each other as we grow together into a greater knowledge of who you are. Brand us with your love for each other, that the world may know that we love you. Amen.

Job Openings and Impact in Our Work Places

Day 15

Prayer: Thank you, Father, that you have told us that you would provide for every one of our needs in Christ Jesus. You are the God of provision and you care deeply for your children. Today, we intercede for those who are needing jobs in our Church community. We ask, Lord, that you would provide our people in need with a place to work and have financial stability. Would you move in the hearts of managers and executives, and would you bring about divine connections for individuals to see doors open? Father, would you fill us with confidence to walk into interviews with supernatural courage and wisdom beyond our years. We trust you with our whole life, Lord, including our finances, and we ask that you would do again what you have done for so many in this house. Thank you, Lord, for making us a kingdom of priests that walk in your authority in all areas, leading us to abundance. We thank you in advance, God, for our jobs that you will lead us to, knowing that this is not too tall a task for you. Father, would you go before those that are in spaces and places working currently. Would you fill their offices, cubicles, classrooms, hospitals, homes, and wherever else they may be with your glory and grace? Would you allow for our people to be lights in their workplaces, and would they show a level of commitment and care to their jobs the way Jesus would call us to. Would you give favor with employers and managers, and would you open up the doors for advancement? Father, grant them wisdom and discernment beyond their years to operate in every area they are in. Thank you for all you do for us Father. We are so blessed by you. 

Extended Reach Across The City

Day 16

Prayer: We give you glory, Lord, for all the ways that you have allowed our house to contend for and move in this great city. Today we press in and ask for a greater measure of influence in Chicago, and for you to expand our reach to build your kingdom. Would you continue to connect us with the most powerful men and women of Chicago to bring healing, hope, and life to this city. We ask that you increase our capacity to minister to those in our surrounding neighborhoods, expanding from Pilsen, Tri-Taylor, and University Village into the far-reaching corners of the city. Father, would Oasis Church be known among this city as a place where living water is found. Would you open doors for this house that no man could ever shut. Would you continue to connect us with other churches and ministries, who are serious about building your kingdom and seeing this city transformed? Bring unity and one spirit as we reach out across this city. Regardless of what it may look like, we know that you are moving in this city, and we humbly submit to your guidance as we seek to partner with you. In Chicago as it is in heaven. Amen. 

Englewood/Chicago City Life Center

Day 17

Prayer: Thank you for the kingdom partnership we have with our family Church in Englewood, Chicago City Life Center. Today, we pause to pray for them as they continue to press into their calling in Chicago. We ask, Lord, for you to pour out an abundance of favor on their house today, this week, and this year. Would you bring an increase in financial support to enable them to fulfill every task you have asked of them? Would you be with pastor Charles and his wife Kehinde, encouraging and strengthening them to continue to lead their people well? We stand in agreement that you are going to use Chicago City Life Center as a holy remnant of your church to be salt and light in Englewood. Would you continue to grow our family in Englewood, making them more dependent on you and sensitive to your Spirit? Today, we prefer Chicago City Life Center over ourselves, asking that you would bless them with everything you have given us and more. Amen. 

Deeper Understanding of God's Word

Day 18

Prayer: Thank you, Lord, that in your word you have revealed to us your good and perfect will for our lives, alongside your character and nature. Today, we ask that you give us a greater understanding of your Word so that we may live rightly and honor you in all things. We pause to thank you for our pastors who have devoted so much of their lives to teaching us your word. We ask that you continue to bless our pastors in their study and preparation to teach our house. We know, Holy Spirit, that unless we seek you in humble submission and prayer, understanding the word is impossible. So we ask that you would make us a people that is hungry and humble, submitted to you, and ready to feast on the deep things of God. As we grow in our understanding, would you help us to not just hear and comprehend the Word, but do the Word and live a life in submission to you. We ask these things in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Our Pastors, Leaders, and Volunteers

Day 19

Prayer: Father we thank you for a vibrant and ever-growing Church community. We know that our growth is not possible without pastors, leaders, and volunteers who dedicate much of their time to serving our house. Today, we pray for them and ask that you would bless them for their service to us. First off Father, we lift up our Pastors and their families. Would you protect, cover, and anoint their lives in every area. Would you grow them every day deeper in your word, and in your truth? May they not operate in their own power, but fully rely on the power of your Spirit. Would you grant our pastors the authority from heaven, as they remain humble before you. Father, fill our pastors with kingdom vision, and Holy Spirit wisdom. We pray that you would overwhelm everything that overwhelms them, and would they have a deeper love for you so they can carry it out to the people they encounter. Keep the pastoral team of one mind and spirit. Father, we lift up our leaders and volunteers. Would you continue to pour out grace, favor, and levels of anointing on their lives as they sow seeds into this house? Would you continue to work with them to cultivate their gifts as they partner with you in service? Would you continue to bind them together as they work alongside one another. Lastly, Lord, we pray for a breakthrough in their lives. Where there is a roadblock, we ask that you would breakthrough. Where there are hidden sin and brokenness, we ask for you to bring healing and reconciliation. We thank you for our pastors and leaders, and we ask that you bless them and continue to bring them into the abundant life that you died for us all to have(John 10:10). Amen.

Oasis Church Music

Day 20

Prayer: Thank you Lord for the talented musicians that you have brought to our house to bless our church community. We give you praise for the ministry of Oasis Church Music. Before we begin our day, we choose to pray for OCM’s growth and reach in Chicago and the world. Thank you Lord for the prophetic vision that you have given this house, to be a house of prayer and worship that is to impact Chicago and the world. We thank you for the ways in which we have already seen this Word come to pass this past year. We ask Lord, that you would keep your hand on our worship team. That you would allow us to continue to walk in deeper holiness and anointing as we seek to be a prophetic voice in the local and global church community. Would you continue to call out and stir up gifting in our worship leaders. Lord, we don’t want to be a cool church band. We want to birth songs that speak to the core of our human existence and penetrate the heart of God in a profound way. We know that this is no small task, and we ask that you continue to lead and guide OCM on the journey. 


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