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3/19 Update: 

We know it has been a whirlwind of a few days, but wow has God continued to be good and faithful. We are believing more than ever that homes, apartments, & families would be revived. Keep joining us on this journey. This season is not a time for the local church to die, but for it to rise up and take deeper root than ever before. We also know that there have been questions of what is happening each week. Right now, we are taking each day as it comes. We are trying our best to communicate quickly and effectively to keep you informed. Below we have provided some helpful information that will takes us through the next few weeks. Continue to check our app, website, social media, & emails for updates. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

As of right now, we will be Live Streaming a service each Sunday morning via our YouTube Channel (subject to change due to connection)

As of right now, we will be Live Streaming a time of prayer & worship at 7pm via our YouTube Channel (subject to change due to connection)



Due to Covid/19 & not being able to meet, we are providing parents and families with full lesson plans! Email to receive all kidZone emails!


We will be utilizing Google Hangout to continue cultivating community with one another while honoring social distancing. We are in desperate need of community during this time. Make it a priority to carve out that time. We are believing for growth and transformation to take place during these meetings!! If you are already part of an O/group, your host will be reaching out to you. If you are interested in signing up, please head to our website or app to sign up!

Have a Need?
Amidst the very obvious need in our world right now, we know that lives, struggles, and stormy situations still exist in our lives. We want to remind you that the church is still here and active. If you have a request or need to speak to a pastor or leader for support, please email and someone will be in touch with you.

Your Team Leads should be reaching out to touch base and see how you are doing. All serving is paused until further notice and your Team Lead will let you know when services/gatherings will start back up again. Thank you for all you do!

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