PSALM 9:1-2, PSALM 66

Morning Prayer 


Blessed are you, King Jesus, with all authority on earth and in heaven. Amidst a season of loss, pain, uncertainty, and destruction, we begin this fast with gratitude towards you. Yes, we chose to look past all that we see with our natural eyes, and we look towards you King Jesus with complete adoration and thanksgiving for who You are. We know you are seated on victories throne, and are completely in charge of our lives, homes, and families. Early in the morning, we rise with our eyes fixed on the imperishable hope that can never be taken from us.


As your people, we stand in gratitude that your greatest gifts cannot be taken away from us. We are your children. We are sons and daughters, princes and princesses, justified and righteous, holy, and blameless. We have your approval and your love. We have your affection and your attention. We have your protection and your Holy Spirit in us. Because of these promises, we are filled with deep gratitude in our spirits. We are grateful that we live in this truth right here, right now. Amen

Midday Prayer


As we approach this afternoon on our first day of this fast, we continue in a posture of thanksgiving. We have much to be thankful for in You. We know that every breath, every minute, every moment, every piece of provision is a gift from You. All that we have is from You and You alone, and we thank our Heavenly Father for it all. You deserve our deepest thanks Father, from the deepest parts of our hearts. We thank you for your love and grace that we know through your son Jesus. We thank you for your leading, guiding and direction within our lives. We thank you for your discipline, your correction, and your transformational power that is working by your Holy Spirit in us. 


Thank you for giving us Jesus so we can have access into your kingdom and into your family. What a joy to be in your family. We choose this day to give thanks in Your presence. You have poured out the Holy Spirit on us and given us eternal life. An eternal promise of your love over our lives. We know that one moment in your presence is better than anywhere else.

Evening Prayer


Lord Jesus, all things, including our lives, are sustained by you. All things were created by you and for you. Tonight, as we unwind from our day, we choose to fix our eyes on you in adoration. We adore You Jesus because of who You are, what You have done in our lives, and what You are going to do. Like Psalm 9 says, "I will give thanks to You, Lord; with all my heart. I will tell of your wonderful deeds. I will be glad and rejoice in You; I will sing the praises of your name, O Most High." King Jesus, you are the King of the whole world. You have dominion and authority over all things. The mountains tremble at the sound of your name. The winds and waters heed the sound waves that reverberate from your mouth. You are above every kingdom, and you stand forever. You are the God of kindness, compassion, grace, truth, one who is slow to anger, and forever abounding in love. 


We know that you will come again in all your glory and make right every wrong, you will wipe away every tear, and you will exercise judgment. We adore you, Lord, as there is nobody more worthy of our adoration than you. You are Alpha and Omega. The beginning and the end. We adore you tonight King Jesus. 


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