1 PETER 5:6-7

Morning Prayer 


Our Father in heaven, we thank you for the invitation to come into Your presence this morning. In your presence, we are changed and transformed. We are aligned to Your plans, Your Kingdom, and Your authority. We thank you that because of Christ’s sacrifice we are able to come into your throne room. This morning, we come to you in repentance. By acknowledging your Lordship, we ask for a deep work within us, and for you to remove the places where we have operated outside of Your kingdom. We come with mournful hearts for the places where we have shut you out, for the relationships we haven’t invited you into, and for the moments we blatantly disobeyed you. We come with hearts of repentance for the actions that did not bring you glory, and for the words that have been spoken that did not show the world who You are. 


We acknowledge that you are a good father who wants the best for your children. You always have our best interests in mind. We repent for the ways we have walked our own path and acted as our own gods. This morning, we realign our hearts with yours. We ask for for the mind of Christ to be placed on us. We receive your vision, and your ways; not our own. We receive your forgiveness. We receive the gospel of Jesus again. We delight to be your children, Father. It is our highest honor and our greatest joy.

Midday Prayer


Lord, as we approach the middle of our day, we acknowledge our need for you. Apart from you, Jesus, we can do nothing. Apart from your Spirit, we are like lost sheep wandering about through our day with no purpose or direction. Apart from the truth of the gospel, we cannot see the world as it truly is. For these reasons and more, we are dependent upon you, our God and king. Dependent upon you and not ourselves. We ask that you remove the pride of self, and fill us with the humility of heaven. 


We need you, more than every single thing that we think we need. Instill in us a posture of humility, that we can see our need for your intervention and engagement in our lives. Father, free us from the demonic illusions of self-fulfillment, pride, and jealousy. Make us humble people, Lord God, that finds all we are in your loving kindness and mercy toward us.

Evening Prayer


Thank you, Jesus, that You have never changed, and You never will. You are constant, steady, and true when we are inconsistent, fickle, and rocky. Lord, we confess that Your steadfast love is better than life itself, and that in your presence is the fullness of joy. We confess that we were created to love and be loved by You. We belong to you God our Father. 


We confess that we often desire other things, even good things, more than we desire You. Lord God, we ask that you would stir within us a longing for deeper intimacy, devotion, and commitment to you. Make us a people that thirsts for you and the manifestation of your presence in our lives.  A part from you, Father, we can do nothing. We belong to you. 


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