for the Prophetic Voice



Morning Prayer 

Ask for Spiritual Gifts

King Jesus, you have commanded us to ask for the gifts of the Holy Spirit, assuring us of the Father’s kindness and willingness to pour them out on His children. This morning, Lord, we ask for you to fill us with the Holy Spirit in a greater measure. Would you activate the gifts of the Spirit that are laying dormant in our midst. Would you stir faith in us to see the miraculous, and to be the disciples You have called us to be through your empowerment of the Holy Spirit. 


Help us, O God, to be the kind of people who refuse to quench your Spirit and Your Spirits' gifting's in our lives. Make us kingdom builders, preaching the gospel with the testimony of your supernatural presence. We want to see Your kingdom come, and your will be done here on earth as it is in heaven.

Midday Prayer

Yielding to the Spirit’s Prompting

Thank you Jesus for your perfect model on how to live life submitted to your Father, and thank You for sending the Holy Spirit to enable us to do the same. As we approach the middle of our day, we ask for your help in yielding to the Spirit. Thank you Lord, that you have shown us how to live submitted to the Spirit. Free us from our self-seeking and self-righteous agendas that want to make ourselves great and leave you behind. We surrender our lives at your feet during this day. 


Would you create in us the eager longing to be led by You in every area of our lives. Would we walk in intimacy with You, knowing your heart in all things and for all people. Show us the will of the Father we pray. We yield to your Holy Spirit today in everything we do. We say yes to Your voice, to Your promptings and to your direction Jesus. 

Evening Prayer

The Releasing of the Prophetic Gifting in Our House

Would you be so kind, eternal God, to pour out this gifting upon this community of people, your church. We ask you, Holy Spirit, to open our ears to hear the voice of our Father. We want to have our minds and hearts open to a deeper understanding of your word, and the promises you have spoken and will continue to speak to your church. We ask that you would pour out dreams and visions that build, equip and edify our house. We ask for words of knowledge, wisdom, and discernment to fall upon our hearts. May our house, Oasis Church Chicago, be filled with the deep presence of God, and would you transform lives through the prophetic voice of heaven flowing through our church. Your word tell us to eagerly desire the gifts of the Spirit, and tonight we say yes to once again a deeper filling of the Holy Spirit. 


We desire to be people that hear what you are saying, and give us the courage to walk in obedience to those words. Holy Spirit, we receive a deeper filling of who you are, and your promises over lives. May our church be a church filled with your voice that will change, transform, and build this city in Jesus name. 


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