PSALM 51:12


ACTS 3:19-21

Morning Prayer 


Father in heaven, You are worthy to receive my life as an offering for all You have done for me. I’m so aware of the ways in which I have turned my eyes and my heart from you. I’m fully aware of the places in my life where I have neglected your council, and quenched your Holy Spirit. But I rejoice, O God, in your steadfast mercy. You mercy has and will continue to do a transformation in my heart. 


You are not weary of my disobedience and failure, you are God. You continue to draw me in your kindness to repentance. As I begin this day, Lord, I ask for you to draw near to me again as I draw near to you. Renew my spirit O Lord, and renew my mind I pray this morning. I pray and ask for Holy Spirit to strengthen me, give me peace, grant me wisdom beyond my years, and help me to be lead to still waters throughout this day. 

Midday Prayer


As we approach the middle of the day, we continue to press into Your presence for the corporate awakening and awareness of your presence in our church. Lord, we confess that oftentimes we have neglected to appreciate the blessing you have placed on our community. You have anointed us to be a beacon of hope amidst a dying and hurting city. We confess that we often neglect to see ourselves the way that you see us, a city on a hill, a lamp on a lampstand, salt and light to this city.  


We ask, Lord, that you would remind us of who we are today. That we are called to be the light to the world. To live our lives set a part, holy, and righteous because of Jesus. To be people that show the world the goodness of our God, and to share the good news of Jesus. Help us to be awaken to that call every moment we forget. We receive again Your calling and Your purpose in our lives and in this city. Make us a people who are firmly grounded in Your presence. Awaken us to the mighty calling of heaven for our house. Holy Spirit - awaken us to Your kingdom in Jesus name. 

Evening Prayer


Father, you have stirred our hearts, calling us into Your presence and adopting us into Your family. You have made us to be sons and daughters, inheriting the imperishable riches of heaven. This evening, we ask for You to pour out Your spirit on our house. Holy Spirit - come and fill us we pray. Both individually and corporately, we ask that you would fill us with Your spirit. We ask that a stirring of faith and hope would rise up. We ask for a release of bondage and distorted thinking to leave us. We ask for the presence of God to be all that we are after, and all that we long for. 


Once again, Lord, we ask that you would captivate our hearts in your presence. Lead us into steadfast obedience and love as we gaze upon Your beauty. Revive us we pray tonight. Revive the dead places in our hearts and minds. Revive us, Holy Spirit, to the wonders of our King. Revive us to be filled with the passion and honor that it is to serve King Jesus. Make us a people who hunger and thirst for righteousness, whose greatest desire is to drink and be filled with your Holy Spirit, awaiting the coming kingdom. 


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