Family Blessing



GENSIS 1:24, NUMBERS 6:24-26

Morning Prayer 

Family Blessing

God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, King of the Universe, we thank You, that You have brought the families of our house into Your covenant people. We have been transferred from the kingdom of darkness into your kingdom of light. We are children that are filled with Your light. Our homes are filled with your supernatural grace, and the doorpost of our homes are covered by Your blood. Our families have been turned over to you, and our loyalty among our families has been declared within our hearts to You. Our families, our homes, and our lives are Yours King Jesus. 


This morning, God, we ask for you to steady Your hand on the families of our community. Would You build them up in the Holy Spirit? Would You bring them closer into Your fellowship and love? Would You bless them with an ever-increasing awareness of Your presence and father-kindness towards them? We thank You for every family that is within our body, and we pray a blessing upon those that are creating and building families! May our families be anointed, and would you pour out Your Holy Spirit upon every home within our body. Would You continue to guide us in raising kingdom families that will change the world! May the wisdom of heaven fill us a fresh a new we pray. In Jesus name, Amen.

Midday Prayer

Our Children

Thank you, Lord, that You invite every person to come taste and see that You are good. You do not hold back Your presence from anyone because of their age. This afternoon, we rejoice in the way You are growing our children at Oasis Church Chicago. We thank You for the gifting's and anointing You are placing on our children at such a young age. We bless you for that Father! We thank You for the way You are growing the children of our house to be worshippers, boys and girls after Your heart. And we ask this morning for more, God. Bring in the next generation and raise them up King Jesus. Save this generation that is rising up by your mercy and your supernatural grace. Would we see the salvation of the next generation happen among us, and see a mighty army come forth in Jesus name! 


We ask that You would speak to them, encounter them, and bless them even more than You already have. We declare in faith that the children of this house will grow to be mighty men and women, filled with faith. Fill them, Jesus, with the Holy Spirit, and we pray and believe that they will change the world, in Jesus’ name. They will change this city, and will not fall prey to the world and its schemes. Surround our children Father with protection, truth, and may Your word be their guide always. We ask for their minds to be filled with kingdom, and to not fall away to the kingdom of this world. We ask this today in faith, and believe You will hear our cries in Jesus name. 

Evening Prayer


Father in heaven, we thank You for every good gift that comes from You and You alone. Tonight, we thank You for the gift of marriage between husbands and wives. Thank You for the symbolic beauty of marriage, that it testifies to the world about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Tonight Lord, we pray for our marriages. We pray for marriages that are soon to be; protect them with purity and mercy Jesus. We pray for marriages in every season, new or old, thriving or struggling, joyful or mourning. We ask tonight, God, that You would renew our marriages, that You would give heavenly perspective on the meaning and purpose of our lives in marriage. Would You rejuvenate the men in our community to give up their lives in love for their wives? Would you help our women to flourish in sacrificial submission like Jesus did with His Father?


Help our marriages to be united together under the covering of You, Jesus. May our marriages be pure, holy, and set apart. We ask that within our house - our marriages will be mighty examples of Your heart Father.  In all things, Lord, we ask for the fullness of joy in these marriages, as they walk out the will of God in our community, testifying to the unfailing love of God in Jesus Christ. We thank You for their presence in our community, and we honor them tonight. Jesus, may Your kingdom come and may Your will be done among our marriages in Jesus name. 


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