The Church


Morning Prayer 


Lord God, this morning we rise with grateful hearts for Your providence and goodness in giving us our pastors. We honor them and pray for them today, for we have been entrusted to them, and them to us, to care for us and serve us as the people of God.  Thank you for their answer to the call to lead, and we lift them up as they go forth and hear Your voice to lead as You have called them to lead. Fill them with supernatural wisdom, strength, insight, and discernment today. Holy Spirit, protect them from all evil and schemes of wickedness. This morning, we pray for all of the pastors in the Chicagoland area. For every church proclaiming Your name, we lift up all the pastors who are putting their hands to the work of the ministry in Jesus name. We ask that You would renew them again with the gospel, Lord. Would you recapture their hearts affections with Your beauty, Jesus?


Holy Spirit, would You rekindle the fire in our pastors that first led them into the ministry? Would You give the weary pastor strength and hope amidst trying times? Above all, Lord, we ask that You would bless the lives, homes, families, and ministries of our pastors. Would they be filled with joy and hope in their ministry, and continue to fight the good fight. 

Midday Prayer


Thank you Lord, for the countless volunteers throughout the city of Chicago that serve the body of Christ. This afternoon, Lord, we honor them and intercede on their behalf. Specifically in our house, we pray for our volunteers who are in KidZone, Setup/Teardown, O/Groups, Worship, etc.


We ask for a greater measure of Your Spirit for all of our volunteers, Lord. Would You reward their service and sacrifice with a greater awareness of Your presence in their lives. Would You encourage them today, showing them that the work they do has eternal significance. We prefer these leaders over ourselves today, as they so often do for us. Amen.

Evening Prayer

The Church

Thank you Lord, for the prophetic calling of Oasis Church Chicago, to be an Oasis amidst the desertland that is Chicago. Tonight, we pray for the overall wellbeing of our house, and for an increasing sense of Your guiding presence in all of our lives. In turbulent seasons such as the ones we live in, we ask, Holy Spirit, that You would help us be a place of refuge. Would our house of Oasis be a beacon of Your light, and would it be a place where salvation is found for anyone and everyone. We also deeply pray for our house to be a place of wisdom and discernment that only comes from You and You alone. May our house be a place of restoration of all that is broken, and a haven for those that have been wayward from Your kingdom. 


Help us, everlasting God, to continue to be a Church that is led by You. Keep us in agreement with Your plans and Your ways.  May our house be united under You King Jesus. A part from you, this work is in vain, and we want to be a body that is sold out to Your will and Your ways. Do away with our own personal agendas, and help us fall in line with Your heart for our house and this city. In Jesus’ name, amen


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