Racial Reconciliation


for Chicago  


Morning Prayer 


This final morning of our fast, we choose to begin our day in a posture of defiant hope. This is not a hope that is ignorant of our times or circumstances, but hope that is rooted in eternity with Jesus Christ and therefore capable of existing in any cultural moment. As strangers and aliens in a foreign land, we choose this day, to fix our gaze upon the rock-solid assurance that is Jesus Christ.


We choose to be filled with the hope of the resurrection, with life-everlasting, with the expectation of a new heaven and a new earth under the rule and reign of our precious King Jesus. This is our perspective, our dominating worldview, our ultimate hope. In a time when hope is scarce, let us be people, grounded in Jesus, who can be salt and light, and offer true hope to the world. Unify us in this hope, O God, so that whether in peace or chaos, prosperity or lack, life or death, Christ would be on glorious display in our lives. Amen!

Midday Prayer

Racial Reconciliation

This afternoon, God, we want to press in to the deep racial divide in our city. We lift up specifically this city, which you have called us all to dwell in. We repent on behalf of the Church for the ways we have perpetuated racism in our own meetings, communities, and gatherings, and we ask Your forgiveness. Thank you Jesus, that Your blood covers all of our sins and reconciles us to Your father. Thank you Jesus, that there is now no Jew, nor Greek, no male nor female, but we are all one in Jesus Christ. Lord God, King of the universe, in a society that is racially divided as ours, will You help us be witnesses to the kingdom of God as reconciled children of God.


Will you lead us all into a place of repentance and forgiveness with You and each other. Most of all, will you show us how truly loved we all are, that you would pardon our iniquities and look over our transgression. Remind us this day that we are all equal at the foot of the cross, no one is greater than the other. Your blood, King Jesus, makes us whole, equal and complete in You. Help us to love like You love, and forgive as You forgive, that we would embody the kingdom here in Chicago as it is in heaven. Jesus, release the spirit of oppression and racism from our church and from Chicago in Jesus name, Amen. 

Evening Prayer


Our Father in heaven, on this last night of our fast we are contending for an in-breaking of Your Spirit into the city of Chicago. As we have been called to be salt and light, bearers of Your new way of life, we are broken and hurting for this city that is held under the deception of the devil. We ask tonight Lord, that You would move in power in this city in two ways, through miraculous encounters and through Your church. Lord God, we remember the ways in which You have saved each and every one of us and brought us into eternal life. Tonight God, we ask that you would do it again in this city.


Would You supernaturally encounter those who are lost in this city through dreams, visions, and your word. Would you use us, your church, to be a witness to the coming kingdom. Would you help us to see the beautiful mission that You have called us to co-labor with You in. Help us to live in such a way that our hearts deepest desire is ‘in Chicago as it is in heaven.’ Amen. 


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