Before we exalt, we expect. Before we exalt, we prepare. Before we exalt, we yearn. Before we exalt, we cry. Before we exalt, we Advent.


Advent means "to come." In this season, Christians look backward to Jesus' coming at Christmas, and forward to Christ's glorious return from heaven. And yet, we too, come before him in humble praise and thanksgiving. It is a season of pause and a great breath in the celebration of Messiah as already-not-yet. For Advent is more than a celebration, it is a time for spiritual journey, reflecting on our weary world in need of deliverance from evil, oppression, injustice, and sin. As God's revelation in flesh, Christ delivers. But more, he reconciles. The light of our hope is at times flickering and faint, at others blazing brighter than the sun. Yet, it is a true light that shatters our fallen darkness, shining with the anticipation of a King who brings truth, peace, justice, and righteousness. In this great anticipation, we look to the coming of Messiah, once a babe in a manger, once again a King reigning in glory.


And so we expect, and exalt. We prepare, and exalt. We yearn, and exalt. We cry, and exalt. We Advent, and exalt.


Join us every week as we journey through Advent in a devotional together. Every week there will be three new days focusing on one of the words Hope, Love, Joy, & Peace. We hope you are encouraged, challenged, and brought closer to Jesus from this devotional series.


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