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Thank you for your interest in being a part of our Vision Sunday 2022 project!


At Oasis, we believe in communicating the Truth of God and His Word through the act of creating. We submit to the ultimate and original Creator, being formed in His Image to co-labor and co-create with the Him. We have great expectations for this project to renew hearts and minds, allowing the Holy Spirit to move through our work and speak to people in a way that simple words cannot.

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My Story

This year, our vision at Oasis Church
can be summarized into one word:


Whether we realize it or not, we are all being formed by something every day, every minute. However, what we allow to form us is crucial to how we become, who we are, and why we exist.


The end result of discipleship is to be formed by Jesus and become like Jesus.


What We’re Doing

This is a short film project that will appear on Oasis’ Youtube channel and broadcast live during our Vision Sunday service this year. Some of the scenes require a crowd of people going about their daily business in the city, with some characters interacting with one of the stone props.


The Story

In this short film project, we encounter two, large and raw stones placed in separate locations and watch as they are formed in contrasting ways. The first stone is delivered to a sculptors studio and chiseled away with precision and intent by the master sculptor into a beautiful statue. The second stone, laid at the edge of a construction site, is refused after being left to vandalism and weathering by the unintentional formation of the world. This story is anecdotal for being formed with purpose by Christ, our master sculptor, teaching us that we are all formed by something. But what will we allow to shape us?


Scripture References

John 8:12; John 8:32; Matthew 11:29; 1 Peter 2:4-9


This project is being prayed into and labored by our pastoral staff and communications team. Thank you again for lending your talents in support of this message!

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