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Next Steps

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Okay, so you’ve attended a few Sunday services at Oasis, and maybe even a Wednesday Night Prayer or two, and you’re interested in calling Oasis Church your home?


Below you’ll find some next steps you can take to get more connected within the Oasis community.

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Come meet us after service the first Sunday of every month to meet the Oasis team and grab coffee. We’ll share a brief history of our church and what we believe here at Oasis.


At First Sundays, you’ll be invited to sign up for Family Formation. Once you sign up, you will receive videos that share some fundamental truths about the Bible, and the heart of what we believe at Oasis. These videos will be followed by a meal at the home of an Oasis member, along with an Oasis Pastor to discuss the content of the videos and answer any questions you may have for us.


Serve Team

Have you completed Family Formation?

Interested in joining our Serve Team?

Follow the link below to fill out an interest form.

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