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Welcome to our O/Group Resources. Our O/Groups go through what we call ‘practices’ together to engage in an intentional time of communion, prayer, and discussion. We have provided our practices here to better serve those in O/Groups, as well as those that cannot engage in O/Groups during this time. We hope that this resource will minister to you in this season of life. 

Our Vision



“We are a community formed and shaped by the truth of Jesus and his presence in and among us. as we practice the way of Jesus, together, we are  called to be a wellspring of life amidst the desert of the city, to be connected and to connect others to the life-giving waters of god’s holy presence.”




Being a disciple of Jesus is not simply receiving information at a Sunday event, but it’s about transformation through practicing the way of Jesus, together. In other words, as we build our lives around the teachings of Jesus, and practice them, we become more like him. This means that your life will be radically different than it was before, because following Jesus is a new way of living. When we reorganize our lives around the teachings and practices of Jesus, we experience true, authentic, and radical transformation. This is the heart of what Jesus is after. Through teaching, learning, practice, community, and the power of the Holy Spirit, god will restore and recalibrate our hearts to bear and carry his image.  

What does Practicing the Way mean?



If you are not able to engage through our O/Groups, we have provided our O/Group resources, or O/Group practices, for you at home. We encourage you to go through these practices with your family, roommates, friends, or neighbors.  These practices are laid out for you to follow along and guide you through a time of prayer and intentional discussion. Our practices are written and based off of the Sunday teachings. Head to our podcast or YouTube page to listen to better engage with these practices.

How can you engage at home?

June 6th
May 23rd
May 9th



Before you begin the practices with your family or O/Group, listen through these teachings to better understand Oasis's four pillars and what it means to Practice the Way of Jesus together.


Other resources

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