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We believe we are called to be connected and connect others to the life giving waters of God’s Holy Presence. This means meeting together, discipling one another and praying for each other in a biweekly rhythm.

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What are O/Groups?

O/Groups are what we call our community small groups that meet twice a month in neighborhoods across the city. These spaces are made up of all types of people desiring to build community and be discipled.

Thinking of joining an O/Group? 

Connect with Community

To join an O/Group please sign up for Family Formation. If you have already completed Family Formation, request to join an O/Group through the button below.

Wicker Park.
Lincoln Park.
South Loop.
Oak Park.

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Interested in leading an O/Group?

Serve those around you.

If you are interested in leading an O/group, please click the button below to connect with Pastor Ruben on next steps.