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Sabbath Series" R.E.S.T

This week, we want encourage you to begin the practice of making communion a part of your meals together as O/Groups, if you’re not doing this already. Pastor Ed reminded us of the importance of the table in our communities and in our homes. We want to come back to the time tested practice of Communion as a meal. So before we dive into our discussion and discuss our Sabbath practice this week, begin your meal time together by partaking in the Bread and the Cup, representing the body and blood of Jesus, around the table, and then continue eating and drinking your meal as a community.


Sabbath is a time for us to Realign, Evaluate, Stand, and sit at the Table. This practice has been woven into the fabric of humanity since God created the Heavens and the Earth. It is both a gift given to humanity, by God, as well as a commandment that He gave His people to obey. Most of us wouldn’t even think twice about disobeying the other 9 commandments God gave His people, but for whatever reason, the command of observing the Sabbath has been lost in the Western Church over the years. But this practice is one of the most life giving, liberating, and joyful practices we can partake in as disciples of Jesus. When Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for their religious spirits behind the practice of sabbath, he reminded them that Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath. Translation: God gave us the gift of Sabbath. It was made for us to observe, to honor, and to enjoy. A time to Realign, Evaluate, Stand, and sit at the Table.


1. Was there anything in particular that stood out to you from Sunday’s teaching?

2. What has your experience been with Sabbath over the last few weeks?

3. What are you learning about God and about yourself through the Practice of Sabbath?


For this week's practice, we want to give you guys some practical things you can do during your Sabbath to Realign, Evaluate, Stand and sit at the Table, depending on your stage of life. Take a minute to look through the list and identify which season you most relate to. Keep in mind that the following lists do not contain prescriptive Practices – they are simply suggestions from our church community.

Young Families

- Put together a box of special toys with your kids, that they get to play with on the Sabbath - Plan a special meal (like a pancake breakfast) or dessert (like donuts and ice cream)

- Read a story from the Bible (e.g. from the Jesus Storybook Bible, Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing, or The Big God Story)

- Take a walk in your neighborhood or to the park

- Watch or go see a movie together

- Go to the zoo or the Children’s Museum

- Commit to not doing chores

- Parents: Let the kids take a nap or watch a movie while you take a nap or have sex.

- Parents: Take turns taking time doing your own thing -

Single Parents: See if someone in your Community is willing to hang out with your kids for a bit, so you can have some time alone.

Single People

- Listen to worship music

- Spend time with Jesus in meditative, listening, or contemplative prayer

- Read the Bible, poetry, or a book of blessing

- Read (fiction or non-fiction)

- Meet up with a friend for coffee or tea

- Watch or go see a movie

- Explore a museum or art gallery

- Go for a hike (bring a friend)

- Have a nice meal with friends

- Take a nap

- Make art

Married Couples (without kids)

- Make a meal together or go out

- Take a walk

- Have sex

- Read the Bible and pray together

- Get a couples massage

- Watch or go see a movie together

- Go for drive

- Go for a hike

- Hang out with friends

- Take a nap

Parents with Teenagers

- Sleep in (and let them sleep in)

- Limit the amount of screen time (in conjunction with your teens)

- Watch or go see a movie together

- Explore your teens hobbies with them

- Ask an intentional set questions like: - What was the hardest part of your week? - What was the best part of your week? - Where did you see God this week? - What do you need from this day?

- Plan and make their favorite meal or dessert together

- Invite their friends over to play (hang out) and participate in part of your Sabbath or let them hang out with their friends for a set amount of time.

Empty Nesters

- Have and host an intentional family dinner (if family is not close by, then invite friends, neighbors, etc..)

- Have sex

- Take a nap

- Explore your spouses hobbies

- Find a hobby to do together. (e.g. cooking, pottery, yoga, watercolor, art museums, etc.)

- Go to the coast

- Read the Bible and pray together


1. After reading this list, what do you want to try?

2. Since the lists above are not exhaustive, what other ideas can your Community come up with?

3. What can you celebrate and be grateful for in your current season of life?


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