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Formation Groups are discipleship courses centered on specific topics, that engage God’s truth and presence together, while releasing kingdom reality into our communities.

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How it Works

Formation Groups are designed to engage the Holy Spirit, equip individuals with biblical concepts, practical skills & habits to develop spiritual maturity, and impart kingdom truth to the world.

The length, cadence, and size of each group will be determined by the team to best share the topic, but can range from once a week for three weeks to every other week for six weeks.

The structure of Formation Groups includes a meal, communion, and a interactive time of teaching around the group’s topic.

Join a Formation Group

Personal Finance

Personal Finance is a Formation Group which aims to align ourselves with God's view towards money and to be equipped with the tools & knowledge of how to practically be a good steward of our money. Our hope is that we move from a place of fear and worry--to a place of empowerment, from idolaters to faithful servants.


October 3rd, 10th, 24th, 31st

Tuesdays, 7:00pm


Truth & Presence Group

Truth + Presence is a formation group designed to give you the framework and practical skills to help you live connected to the presence of God. Giving attention to theological truth and presence-based disciplines, truth + presence will empower you to tap into the eternal life that Jesus makes available to you today.


Coming back soon!


Exploring the Prophetic

Exploring the Prophetic invites you to discover the profound joy of hearing God's loving voice. This interactive group will give you practical tools and biblical insights that empower you to not only receive personal revelation but also share it with others. Together, we will grow in our ability to hear and discern God’s heart for us and the world around us for the purpose of encouragement, edification and comfort.


Coming back soon!


How to Read Your Bible

How to Read Your Bible is a Formation Group aiming to ground and center believers in the Word of God. We desire to see the builders of our church have a healthy reliance on Scripture.


Oct 23rd & 30th, Nov 6th & 13th

Mondays, 6:30pm


Unlocking Honor Group

Unlocking Honor is a formation group that will bring you into the reality of one of the most important principles in the Word of God. In a culture where it seems that contempt is more prevalent, it is a time to be rooted in the reality of God's kingdom. This time will reveal what is the kingdom's reality in regards to honor, and the why and how to operate in it every day.


Coming back soon!


Breaking Bread

Breaking bread is a formation group that imparts the kingdom principle of preparing and sharing meals with one another. This group will empower you with rich theological teachings, practical cooking skills and how to be a gracious host. Together we will discover the Lord is present when we break bread.


Coming back soon!

Interested in Hosting?

Are you a builder interested in sharing your gifts and equipping people at Oasis Church Chicago? Send us an email and share your idea!

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