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In House Resources

The Care Team's mission is to care for our community by meeting its needs; Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually. Whether you need someone to pray alongside you, provide Biblical counsel, are experiencing a season of loss, need encouragement, or any other practical need, the Oasis Care Team is equipped and ready to come alongside you, wherever you are in your journey. This page introduces our care team, resources, organizations, and people who we believe were ordained to help the fellow believer.

Our Care Team

We are here to support you in life. Connect with the Care Team for meal trains, hospital visits, funerals, weddings, etc.


Immediate Chicago Resources

Click for a full list of immediate resources including shelters, food pantries, healthcare clinics, and more.

Schedule a Prayer Call

We want to pray with you. Reach out to us by clicking this image, so we can stand in agreement with you.

Pastoral Counseling

Our pastors and elders provide individual counseling.

Marriage Counseling

Our pastors and elders offer pre-marital and marriage counseling.

Baby Dedication & Baptism

Connect with us here to find out more about baptisms and baby dedications.

External Counseling

MTS Counseling Center

Individual Counseling

Counseling clinic located in downtown Chicago and we are passionate about making mental health care accessible and affordable.

Restoration Center Chicago

Individual Counseling

committed to providing support through a therapy process that is safe, confidential, and life-changing

Additional Resources

Fierce Marriage Podcast

Love, Sexuality, Relationships and Marriages

Discussing all things marriage: sex, communication, finances, priorities, purpose, and everything in between.

Messenger: Porn Free

Love, Sexuality, Relationships and Marriages

Video Lessons and Course guide on how to become “porn-free” by John Bevere


Sharing the Gospel

Video series discussing practical ways to share the gospel. Available on Spotify & Apple Podcasts

Moral Revolution

Love, Sexuality, Relationships and Marriages

a company of radicals helping to define healthy sexuality


Leadership at Home

A Compilation of Audible Prayers for you to declare over your home, by Oasis Church Chicago

DNA of a Leader

Leadership at Home

Becoming privately healthy, and publicly fruitful leaders


Bible Knowledge & Theological Enlightenment

An exhaustive course library on a wide variety of topics

The Whole Story

Bible Knowledge & Theological Enlightenment

A Reading Program by Celebration Church in partnership with The Bible Project.